Monday, December 2, 2013

Have A Real Stand Up Party With Holiday & Christmas Cardboard Cutouts

Well, its already the middle of November - which means holiday decorating is about to be kicked into high gear! With your options and choices growing by the year, its hard to find just the right decorations for your Holiday/Christmas party, or front lawn. A very popular item this year are Christmas and holiday themed cardboard cutouts and santa claus cardboard cutouts for the lawn.

Faceless and headless photo standees are a pretty fun idea for a holiday party. Headless photo stand-ins are the type of funny poses you usually see at the beach, where they allow your guests to stand behind them and have their face on a santa claus body for a really funny picture! For a nice touch, put a Polaroid camera right by your holiday standees so your guests are able to take a picture to take home as a parting gift - lasts a lot longer than a bag of sweets!
If youre tired of having to vacuum up all the pine needles around your tree, or your allergies prevent you from having a real tree in your house theres a few alternatives using cardboard Christmas tree cutouts. How about doing something different this year and going with a Christmas tree cardboard cutout!

A really unique gift that's sure to impress anyone on your list is a custom lifesize cardboard cutout, from any of your photos. Theyre a great way to make anyone feel special and celebrity like.

in addition to a full line of faceless and headless photo standees, has a full selection of holiday cutouts - all with free shipping!